Error message for clip or slice in a saved state


Whenever I apply a clip or slice to a netcdf-volume and save the state, an error message appears when opening the state:

ERROR: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\Common\ExecutionModel\vtkDemandDrivenPipeline.cxx, line 760
vtkPVDataRepresentationPipeline (0000023D15BA3CB0): Input for connection index 0 on input port index 0 for algorithm vtkImageSliceRepresentation(0000023D15DEC140) is of type vtkRectilinearGrid, but a vtkImageData is required.

Everything renders fine and as expected, so my “workaround” has always been to just ignore the error message. I was just wondering why the message appears and if there is a little trick to avoid it?

Just to be clear: no error message appears when I apply the clip or slice (nor later on). It only pops up when I open a state where a clip or slice is saved.

Thanks and cheers,

Hi @Venke ,

Please share your dataset.

Best, (2.9 MB)
Hi Mathieu,
here is an exemplary Netcdf-volume-file. I’ll also upload a state file where I loaded the volume and applied a clip. Thanks for your time,

MYTEST.pvsm (303.3 KB)

Hi @Venke ,

This warning can be ignored, but this is an actual issue that should be fixed. Could you open it on:


Thanks, Mathieu.