Error on use calculator "Syntax error: expecting a variable name; see position X

Hello everyone,



I have a problem with the calculator, although I put the “” in my text. Is it a problem with the values?
The field 7 has the interval [3;11], can I change the intervals in the calculator?
Thank you for your help.

Please share your data.

How to display the field 7 on "Layout ?

iHat*"Field 7" + jHat*"Field 4" + kHat*"Field 7" calculator expression works great.


Which version of ParaView are you using ? on which OS ? 64-bit

This is very old, please update:

ok, but is it possible to display just the field 7 on the “CAD” ?

What is the CAD ?

“Render view” sorry

Have you a idea ?

You probably want to use TableToPoints.

No I use Glyph but he scale is not displayed, because I think calculator is not working

You will have to provide more details and explanations if you want more help.

because I think calculator is not working

Please update first.

there was an error in the script.
Thank you for your help!