Error opening Nifti files


I downloaded the most recent version of Paraview, and I’m unable to open nifti files (.nii.gz) that I can open with FSLeyes and ITKsnap. First, I open the folder and select “All files(*)” because otherwise I can’t even see them. Then, when I click on the files, I try to open them with “Nifti Volume Reader”. Afterwards, I get the following error:

** ERROR (nifti_image_read): failed to find header file for ‘/path/to/file.nii.gz’
( 21.219s) [paraview ] vtkNIfTIReader.cxx:203 ERR| vtkNIfTIReader (0x5dabd40): Read failed

Is there any way I can solve this? Thank you very much.

Hi @mdk82jd

Please share your data



I had problems with any .nii.gz. For example,

You need to extract it first

gunzip MNI152_T1_0.5mm.nii.gz


You’re right. Unzipped nifti files can be open by paraview.

Is there any way to open .nii.gz files directly? I need to open files that, compressed, are 12GB.


I’m afraid not, see this discussion though:

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