error reading smv

Hi Folks !

Getting a error trying out the new .smv file reading capabilities (to be able to read FDS files natively)

The errors & warnings occur simply when I try to open the .smv file.

Wondering what the issue may be ?

Please share your data.

FYI @tgalland


Warnings here are expected given some names you have in your data, for example your (...)_hrr.csv file begin with a number. The internal VTK structure used to store it needs to rename it and adds an underscore to it (however these warnings are just for information, they doesn’t prevent your data to be read correctly).

For the errors you get, as Mathieu said it would be nice to share the data if you can in order to reproduce it on our side. Thanks !

Hi, so I was able to generate the error on a smaller file, on the same server.

The only difference is that SLCF error is replaced by SLCC error, but otherwise the two other errors are the same.

The link to the tar file containing the smv file is the following: (had to use onedrive because the file size is still too big at 13 mb)

For additional info, the Linux version obtained from $uname -srm is:
Linux 4.18.0-477.27.1.el8_8.x86_64 x86_64

edit: also thank you for the prompt reply, you guys are quick!

Hi again,

Thanks for sharing this data. I can reproduce it with the last binary release of ParaView but not with the nightly version. It appears that this error has been fixed since the last release and will be available in the next one; meanwhile you can try to open your data with the nightly version.