Error when loading a vtp file "cannot read points array"

Hi, everyone.
I got the error below when I am trying to open a vtp file.

I have check the vtk_header and the file size. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything wrong.

How to fix this problem.

please share the file.

here the link of the data file is attached, it seems too big. so I send it to wetransfer.

this is the data file. please note that in order to reduce the file size (still 1.7G), I only write the “positon” data.
The lack of pressure and velocity is ok for loading.

Thanks a lot.

May I ask have you open the file successfully.
sorry I didn’t mean to border you, just want to know where the problem is.

I have the same issue. How do you generate this file ?

This file is the output of an opensource CFD solver GPUSPH.
And I also create a topic on their forum.

It is so strange and I cannot determine what is going on till now.

Probably a file generation issue on GPUSPH then.

If I am right. the error message is thrown by some header checking…
However, the file size is reasonable, the offset of the arrays is right. Then why this exception is triggered.
Anyway, I am trying to build VTK to find what is going on…
Please let me know if you have any advice.