error when saving animation in avi

I know there is already some issues in saving animation with ffmpeg bug i did not see the same error message I have.

I installed paraview@master with spack adding the flag -DPARAVIEW_ENABLE_FFMPEG in my build of paraview.
The installation is based on ffmpeg 6.0 (i tried with 6.1 but there is no changes), and build without error.

However when I want to save some animation in AVI fomat I get this error:

(  29.524s) [paraview        ]vtkSMSaveAnimationProxy:396   WARN| vtkSMSaveAnimationProxy (0x5561b9846da0): The requested resolution '(844, 251)' has been changed to '(844, 248)' to match format specification.
(  29.571s) [paraview        ]vtkSMPropertyHelper.cxx:570   WARN| Failed to locate property: FileName
(  29.572s) [paraview        ]vtkSMPropertyHelper.cxx:367   WARN| Call not supported for the current property type.
(  29.599s) [paraview        ]    vtkFFMPEGWriter.cxx:691    ERR| vtkFFMPEGWriter (0x5561b988b450): Please specify a filename.

I can save in others formats (tried ogv and png) but not in AVI.

My colleague tried with a full manual installation of paraview with the same flag and have the same error.

Do we have forgot something in the build ? Is it a paraview bug ?


Looks like it to me. Does this patch help?

yeah it works ! thanks =)