Error when using extract region surface filter

I have an unstructured grid data vtk file of a volumetric mesh. I’m trying to extract region surfaces from that mesh, but it’s returning an error saying what I have is polydata while this filter needs an unstructured grid.
Anyone knows why this might be happening?

To give a bit of a context, the vtk file itself was generated by changing the points data of a template vtk file that has the connectivity list I need. The region surface extraction works fine in the template.

Can having more than one space (tap) between the coordinates cause this issue?

please share data and name of the filter you are trying to use

@mwestphal Thanks for responding promptly. This is the data file vtk file.
the filter name is Extract region surface. The problem was that I could not select the data I want to begin with (using the select data) tool.

An update…I found a way to make the coordinates closer with no extra whitespace, now I can use the filter correctly. It seems the extra whitespace was causing an issue.

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