Error while loading a .med file - MEDfieldComputingStepInfo

Hi all,

I’m trying to load a *.med file.
This file has been generated via library h5py in python.
I activate the MEDReader from Plugins of Paraview to allow Paraview to load this med file.

Unfortunately, i’ve got an error when i try to load this file, and i can’t understand why it’s not working.

/builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medfile/src/src/hdfi/__MEDobjectGetName.c [61] : Erreur d’exploration du groupe
/builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medfile/src/src/hdfi/__MEDobjectGetName.c [61] : /CHA/ACCE_001
/builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medfile/src/src/ci/_MEDfieldComputingStepInfo31.c [78] : Erreur d’accès du groupe
/builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medfile/src/src/ci/_MEDfieldComputingStepInfo31.c [78] : /CHA/ACCE_001
/builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medfile/src/src/ci/_MEDfieldComputingStepInfo31.c [78] : _num = 0
( 13.941s) [paraview ] vtkOutputWindow.cxx:67 ERR| Exception has been thrown in vtkMEDReader::RequestInformation : Return code of MEDFile call “MEDfieldComputingStepInfo” is not 0 as expected ! ( Return code was -518 at /builds/gitlab-kitware-sciviz-ci/build/superbuild/medcoupling/src/src/MEDLoader/MEDFileFieldMultiTS.cxx:524 )
( 13.944s) [paraview ] vtkExecutive.cxx:729 ERR| vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x78bb7e0): Algorithm vtkFileSeriesGroupReader (0x7af19c0) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x78eca70)
Debug: Off
Modified Time: 571521
Reference Count: 1
Registered Events: (none)

It seems that “MEDfieldComputingStepInfo” is not well set.
I don’t understand what is the problem here.
If it’s the attributes attached to the field /CHA/ACCE_001/ or the step names.

I’ve a file here after which produce this error with Paraview (ParaView-5.12.0-RC1-MPI-Linux-Python3.10-x86_64) : (207.4 KB)

Is anyone has a clue to help me about this error ?



I’m afraid the MEDReader plugin is maintained by the SALOME team, we only package it in the binary release.


Ok thanks for the reply.
I will forward my problem on the salome support channel.

Best regards