Error with loading .vtu

Hi, I am a new in Paraview. I have tried to open a .vtu file with this errors:

ERROR: In vtkXMLParser.cxx, line 379
vtkXMLDataParser (000002BC339E1540): Error parsing XML in stream at line 70, column 11, byte index -1809900100: mismatched tag

ERROR: In vtkXMLReader.cxx, line 520
vtkXMLStructuredGridReader (000002BC38C53EC0): Error parsing input file. ReadXMLInformation aborting.

I wonder if there is something wrong with the data or the data is too large? The data is more than 2.5GB.

Many thanks!

Please share your data.

Sorry for late. The file is a little large. I share it by google drive.

Many thanks.

You need to give access.

Sorry for that. It can be accessed now.

By the way, I used Paraview under Windows 64bit. Is there any limition about the file size under Windows?