Error with superbuild

It seems like a simple enough error, but I’m stumped. This trips when I attempt to make install, after the build has completed.

  FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

I’m trying to do this on a rocky linux desktop. Steps to reproduce:

git clone --recursive
cd paraview-superbuild
git checkout v5.10.1
git submodule update
mkdir ../build-paraview
cd ../build-paraview
ccmake ../paraview-superbuild/
<activate osmesa>
make -j28
make install

ParaView superbuild usually do not require make install.

FYI @utkarsh.ayachit @ben.boeckel @Francois_Mazen @nicolas.vuaille

I was attempting the make install to see if it fixed the more pertinent problem I was encountering. When I run

<build-directory>/install/bin/pvserver --version

I get

paraview version 5.11.0-RC1-35-g6d9192059f

instead of 5.10.1.

You need to choose paraview 5.10.1 in the cmake conf of the superbuild instead of choosing git.

I checked out the v5.10.1 tag. That was my problem; I missed the cmake conf flag.

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