Errors in visualisation of Point Map

Hi there, I am having issues visualising a simple mesh of a 2d plate. The input file for Paraview 5.12 is a legacy VTK of an unstructured grid format. It contains 6 nodes, forming 4 triangular elements. The interior point appears to change positon between the points and points gaussian view. This also means that all the surface view incorrectly show this surface. The points gaussian view is the correct positioning of each node. I have attached the vtk file for reference as I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here. The calculation of displacements is a work in progress, so they displacement field may not have any physical correspondence just yet.

Any help is much appreciated.

outputq2thistime.vtk (577 Bytes)

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The legacy format of vtk requires the nodal IDs to start at zero. Therefore, the CELLS definition must be adjusted accordingly:

CELLS 4 16
3 2 6 1
3 3 6 2
3 4 6 3
3 5 6 4

CELLS 4 16
3 1 5 0
3 2 5 1
3 3 5 2
3 4 5 3
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That has fixed it. Thank you very much for the help.