Evenly Spaced Streamlines 2D

This seems right. Also make sure the seed point is in the same plane normal on Z.

If that does not work can you share you dataset?


Dear Dan,
I am in a similar situation to that of Nayla.
I have a 3D data set and I follow the path:

calculate 2D vector using U_XiHat+U_YjHat
take a 2D slice normal to z
try to use the filter and he tells me I am not on a XY plane.

Can you please give me a suggestion that might point me in the right direction?
Thanks a lot.


3D data

Dear Dan,
Please see the downloadable data.
Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,


It seems that

is missing from the zip archive.

Can you check this?



Dear Dan, sorry.
That file should not be required for the problem at hand.
Basically I took a slice, used the calculator filter to get a 2D vector with U_XiHat+U_YjHat and wrote it as a vtk file. Then I tried to open it and do the 2D streamlines but it did not work.
Please see in annex the file. 2D_data_test_0_0.vtm (637 Bytes)

please provide 2D_data_test/2D_data_test_0_0.vtu

Can this be of use?
Thanks a lot
2D_data_test_0_0.vtp (3.5 MB)

I think you are looking for the data Joao has provided here. I tested the evenlySpaced filter in this case many times with no success. As it is an OpenFOAM case, you only need to open “foam.foam” from within paraview.