Execute a macro or python script from C code in a ParaView-based application

I’m building a ParaView-based application, starting from Clone1 code

I want to know how to connect the UI components I add in QtDesigner with the ParaView framework.

More specifically, how to execute a macro when checking a checkbox.

If I look at Paraview source code, it seems to deal with macros in paraview-master/Qt/Python/pqPythonMacroSupervisor.cxx

void pqPythonMacroSupervisor::onMacroTriggered()
  QObject* action = this->sender();
  QMap<QString, QAction*>::const_iterator itr = this->Internal->RunActionMap.constBegin();
  for (; itr != this->Internal->RunActionMap.constEnd(); ++itr)
    if (itr.value() == action)
      QString filename = itr.key();
      emit this->executeScriptRequested(filename);

So, what do I need to add to myMainWindos.cxx to execute a macro or python script when an action is triggered?