Executing custom applications examples

I’m researching making a Qt-based desktop application to use Paraview framework and make a simpler ParaView GUI. The documentation says that there are some examples here


But are there any indications on how to execute this example?

First, you need to build ParaView.

Then, choose one of the subfolder you points out: there all are independent examples. Build it in a new build directory. You will need to specify the path to the ParaView build directory in CMake with ParaView_DIR .

Okay, thanks!
I have download and install Paraview app 5.7, do I still need to build ParaView?

Yes you still need to build it. Because your custom app will include header files that are not present in the distributed binaries.

I’m a little lost here.
I have the fallowing structure

  |- pv
  |    |- build
  |    |- paraview-superbuild
  |- qt-examples
       |- one
          |- build
          |- Clone1

i tried adding set(ParaView_DIR /Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build) at the beggining of CMakeLists.txt of Clone1 and then I executeed cmake ../Clone1 from the build folder.
And got

What I am missing? Where are those file?


As you use the Superbuild, ParaView_DIR must point to your install directory. By default, it is in build and in your case (if you did not specify another install directory), it should be something like /Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install

Also note that modifying CMakeLists.txt is not the prefered way to set options. On command line, add

On gui, click on add entry button.

Okay! Thanks for the replay!

I do have the build at /Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install

Now, on the command line, in the qt-examples/one/build directory if I execute -DParaView_DIR=/Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install I got

zsh: no such file or directory: -DParaView_DIR=/Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install

You know what can be?

How do you run cmake ?

Yes, I tried cmake -DParaView_DIR=/Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install ../Clone1 and got the same message the screenshot above shows.

Is there a paraview-config.cmake or ParaViewConfig.cmake somewhere in your install directory (and subdirectories) ? Where ?

There are paraview-config.cmake files at




I executed
cmake -D ParaView_DIR=/Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build/install/lib/cmake/paraview-5.7 ../Clone1

It seems to have worked but make command does nothing? :thinking:

I also tried to enable PARAVIEW_BUILD_QT_GUI

cd  /Users/username/Desktop/dev/pv/build
ccmake ../paraview-superbuild

But I don’t find that variable. Is that correct?

Indeed, you need this option. But it is an option of the ParaView project and not the Superbuild on.

In the superbuild, the variable you are looking for is ENABLE_qt5. By the way, take a look at each ENABLE_XXXX variables, they mostly are to OFF. But you may want to activate python or some other.