Exodus file not loading correctly

I have an Exodus file that is behaving strangely when I attempt to load it in Paraview. (Windows, MPI, 5.9.1)

When I open the file, at least one vector-valued point field loads as all zeros, which is incorrect. Interestingly, when I load a state file (provided to me, generated in 5.5), the file loads correctly in 5.9, and future reads in that same session work as well.

5.8.1 seems to behave like 5.9.

Any ideas?

Hard to know what’s going on without the data. Did you try latest master? The exodus reader has been totally rewritten in master for 5.10 and now uses IOSS library. So it may be worth a shot too.

Sorry, should’ve attached it. The field I’m looking at is uo_hflux_. When I open the file directly, it loads all zeros. When I load the state file shown, I get the correct values.

bubbleState.pvsm (1.3 MB)
uoXe_300_out.e (3.9 MB)

The file has 2 timesteps. The state file is set to show timestep 1. By default, ParaView shows timestep 0. Use the vcr controls to advance to timestep 1 and you’ll see non-zero ranges for variable of interest.


When I attempt to look at that same field using the Stream Lines plugin representation, it doesn’t render anything. Should I open a new topic?

For the time being, apply the “Convert To Multiblock” filter to the output of the exodus and the use streamlines plugin. The plugin hasn;t been updated yet to work with ParitionedDataSetCollection. I’ve reported an issue here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/20958

I am still not seeing anything in the output … however I am not the one who knows how to use the representation, so I defer to others (cc @cory.quammen , @mwestphal )

I’m not seeing the Convert to Multiblock filter. The closest I see is Convert AMR Dataset to Multi-block, which is greyed out. Is it not loading as multiblock from the beginning?

I see the same behavior when using an unstructured data set (using Merge Blocks). Additionally, it doesn’t just not render the streamlines, but it also clears the rendering of other objects (like a Plane source).

Ah you’re using 5.9.*, Convert to Multiblock doesn’t apply to you. Defer to @mwestphal for the StreamlineRepresentation.

I reproduce the issue with the streamlines representation, no idea why though. The stream tracer seems to work fine though.

What is the best way for me to follow up on the streamlines representation? Should I open a Gitlab issue?

an issue is always a good idea. it needs debugging. I do not have any insight into the implementation so will have to defer to others until this becomes a priority at which point I can debug it if no one can get to it.