Exodus to .....

New to the forum, so bear with me if this is a stupid question. I want to read Exodus results in, but we are on the hook to provide them in a palatable format to a third party that cannot read Exodus. I am thinking perhaps Nastran. Doable? Is there a better approach?

Scrubbing email, I missed this. Sorry.

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No clue with regards to the file formats you mention. May I recommend the VTK file formats? Documentation is on the VTK site. If you don’t see it, I can look further.

Thanks. Looks pretty fully featured, but since the other end of the translation is intended to be a format that they use, VTK would just be an intermediate step. We are looking to go in one jump from point A (Exodus, which is an open source format from Sandia) to point B (Nastran, ABAQUS, …, something widely available). May just have to write it, as we already have a off-the-shelf Python API for Exodus.

There isn’t a widely available FE results format. Why not ask your third party to download Paraview to view the VTK results files instead?