Expected punctuation token ')', found ~

I have installed system paraview 4.4 which is available in the centos 7 repository. I have installed that because the Paraview 5.4 which comes with OpenFoam 6 has installation issues and I am not able to install that on centos 7.

Now, when I open a result file, I get thiss error:

ERROR: In /builddir/build/BUILD/ParaView-v4.4.0-source/VTK/IO/Geometry/vtkOpenFOAMReader.cxx, line 4674
vtkOpenFOAMReaderPrivate (0x392d840): Error reading line 169 of /home/mahmood/OpenFOAM/mahmood-6/run/S8010-Same1-2/constant/polyMesh/faces: Expected punctuation token ')', found ~

ERROR: In /builddir/build/BUILD/ParaView-v4.4.0-source/VTK/Common/ExecutionModel/vtkExecutive.cxx, line 784
vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x3932530): Algorithm vtkPOpenFOAMReader(0x3921520) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x3fe9b50)
  Debug: Off
  Modified Time: 169270
  Reference Count: 1
  Registered Events: (none)

The file at constant/polyMesh/faces is a 1.3GB binary file. I don’t know if this is a compatibility issue or what. I mean maybe the file is not compatible with paraview 4.4 and I must use 5.4 or so.

َAny idea about that?

Please try with our latest binary release from : https://www.paraview.org/download/

Well the latest version is not compatible with centos 7 as it needs opengl 3 while centos 7 uses opengl 2.1.

Not sure which opengl it requires, but you could try using a paraview-5.6 binary pack from kitware. For reading in OpenFOAM, I wouldn’t generally recommend going much older than that.

However, you could also try with Alexey’s copr installation. Since he’s involved with various aspects with OpenFOAM (Darwin ports, other patches), I would generally trust that his copr build should be reasonably stable.