Export paraview keyframe animation to 3D Studio Max

Dear Developers and users of Paraview
Is it already possible to export Paraview keyframe animation to a visual application such as 3D Studio MAx?
Importing geometry into Max via VRLM format is possivel, however the collors are misplace once in 3D Studio max .
I’m looking to bring the animation produced by Paraview to a more realistic visual style, linking the geometry / animation from paraview to 3D Studio max geometry and have accurate motion animations .

Luis Mestre

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I would like to do the same thing in Maya, so far we only managed to import one 3D model for each frame, like a stop motion? but this is not useful…

I don’t mind so much the colors being messed up, because we can solve it in Maya, but we definitely need a 3D model with baked animation.

You need to find a common format between what ParaView can save to and Maya can open.

Alternatively, use ParaView new PBR rendering.

Thank you Mathieu,
I was using FBX and OBJ, they both can carry animations. I’ll definitely try the PBR, let’s see how it goes, I really appreciate your help!