Export PDF

I have this error when opening a PDF generated with Paraview : image

Have you any idea why ?

thanks, Frank

Does the pdf display correctly after ?

It is static, I can’t 3D rotate.

This is expected, ParaView does not support PDF3D.

Export to another 3d format, like gltf.

Thanks for you answer.
I’m force to use Paraview 5.4 installed with BlueCFD because it’s the only version with whom I manage to read properly my NetCDF files.
Do you know why I can’t have this reader in Paraview 5.9 ?



It is the NetCDF Reader.

Indeed it accept the file but all component are followed by “_unit” which isn’t the case in PV 5.6

Looks like a bug

It looks like you are using a file format (CDI) that requires a plugin. If you load the CDIReader plugin in the latest version of ParaView, you should be able to read your file. I found some instructions for that here: Activate the CDI reader plugin — Visualization 0.0 documentation

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Hi Kenneth,
I tried opening my NetCDF file with the CDIReader but got that error : image
When I click on “apply”, PV crashes

Here my knowledge of the CDI reader ends. I really know nothing about it. I’m not even sure if your data fits the CDI reader’s format. I just noted that you had a screenshot with the CDI reader highlighted and found a plugin with the same name.

Looking at the source, it seems that Niklas Roeber from DKRZ Hamburg is currently maintaining that code. Perhaps he or his team can provide some useful advice.

I answered Frank already in a direct message, but just to let you know in the secret of the CDI Reader …
Initially it was developed to only support ICON netCDF data, which is somewhat similar to MPAS. Meanwhile we extended the reader quite a bit and now support also a number of other unstructured weather/climate models with whatever shaped cells. Unfortunately, we have not yet checked the code back to ParaView master, but it is on our list. As Ken pointed out, if you have any issues with it, or want/need to use it, please contact us at DKRZ.
Thanks and Cheers, Niklas