Export vtk to gltf or other format compatible with AR


I am looking for a reliable solution to export datasets to some Augmented Reality environment.
Is it possible to export from paraview to gltf format? Will this preserve Color Maps?

I also tried using blender and then export to gltf or pod, but none of those preserve any material/color_map properties. Anyone tried to tackle this problem before?

I would be grateful for any help.

gltf export does not yet support color map afaik.


I believe the current gltf exporter does export the colormap. Most of the web based gltf viewers seem to have a bug in them where if the data is inline, they fail to properly handle the texture, but they do handle it correctly when the data is not inline.

How to use this gltf exporter?

File -> Export Scene

There is no such option on macOS :frowning:

Which version of ParaView are you using ?


the gltf exporter is not in the release yet. You may want to use the nightly release.

Still being in the context of exporting 3D models to VR, is it possible in Paraview to unwrap the surface and save the color map as a texture (jpg, png)?

By default the gltf exporter does this. Assuming you have “Interpolate Scalars Before Coloring” on and the type of data supports it.

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