Exporting 3D Unstructured Grid and Vector Solutions from MATLAB PDE Toolbox to Paraview

Hey all,

Before I start, I’m aware of a number of files in the MATLAB file exchange, however none of them seem to be able to export the full set of data correctly. Details on my attempts can be found here:

I’m modelling a 3D PDE inside Matlab using the inbuilt partial differential equation toolbox. This is built on an unstructured tetrahedral mesh. Defining this then is an 4xE connectivity matrix and a 3xN nodal matrix. I then have 3 vector solutions, of size 1xN each.

My aim is to export the vector solutions and associated mesh to be visualised in para-view. I can manage to export just the mesh, or just the vector solutions on the nodes, but not both.

A link to a guide, or any advice for a complete novice on how to write my data to a file which is readable by paraview would be greatly appreciated.

All we can provide you here is the specifications of the format, which would not help you much as a novice.

I suppose that matlab have capabilities to export dataset to format supported by ParaView, a quick google search has a lot of results.


Thanks anyway, the link I shared denotes me trying pretty much everything I can find on google, unfortunately none of those seemed to work fully. Should I delete this topic?

of course not, it can stay up, but I’m not sure there will be user knowing enough about matlab to help you here.

I just get lost in all the file headers and data types and stuff really - I could probably write the MATLAB code if I could understand the parts I need to write, I follow that there are headers and then sections of data to attach, just can’t really get anywhere beyond that.

The specifications of our formats are here : https://vtk.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/file-formats.pdf