Exporting a mesh

Hello all,

I have what I think should be an easy thing to do in ParaView, but am presently stymied, so seeking advice from the community:

I’d like to export some data into a mesh file (was hoping for OBJ, but PLY will do), but while I can generate a simple PLY file by using a Geometric Shape source, and then File->Save Data, I’m unable to find a way to do that with some real data.

For example, I have a uniform rectilinear grid that I warp with “WarpByScalar”, expecting that I might then be able to save it as a mesh, but PLY is not one of the offered formats. Another option I tried was to take a volume (3D) uniform rect grid, and run that through the “Threshold” filter, but again, no PLY output option.

So while I’d be interested to know how to do either of those particular examples, if there’s a general way to know what data format(s) can be output as a mesh, that would be helpful. The only filter I can find with “mesh” in the name is “Mesh Quality”, which I can apply though I’m not actually sure what information it conveys.

And so, I expect that when I do learn how to get the data into whatever format can be treated as a mesh, that I’ll then be able to use the PLY “Extractor” filter to output the data to a file.


You could try to use the “Extract Surface” Filter on your data. There are often more filters and writers available for the thus filtered data.

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Thanks Venke,

That was exactly what I needed.