Exporting .csv data from a surface at a particular point in time


I am attempting to export x location, y location, and data point (x,y) from a surface (.xdmf file format) at a particular time step for further analysis or plotting in python, matlab, r, etc.

Attached is a screenshot of the data I want.

It is a surface of colored values and it is at the final time step. I have attempted the Data Analysis tools tab with no success.

any advice is greatly appreciated.


Marlon Ramos

Are you looking for the Probe filter ?


But I am unclear how to use it.

I’ve attempted to select points within a polygon, but the magnitudes, which should correspond to surface variable W, are way to large. So I am unclear as to what the “Points” and “Points Magnitude” actually correspond to.

See attached screenshots.

Points are the position of the points.
PointsMagnitude is an automatic (albeit non-nonsensical in this context) magnitude computation value for any vector in the spreadsheet.

If you are looking to see the W values at the probe points, you have to switch to show the “Probe Filter” “Cell Data” in the spreadsheet view.

Thanks for the direction! I am able to successfully extract the surface points of interest.

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