Exporting Data from Descriptive Statistics

I have used the tracing function to create a script to extract some statistics (using descriptive statistics filter) based on the surfaces of my mesh. When I play back in Windows it seems to work fine.
Basic Steps:
(1) Read Tecplot Binary
(2) Extract Block to get desired surfaces
(3) Apply Descriptive FIlter
(4) Save Data

when I move the script over to our cluster (RHEL8) the script executes without error and creates the csv file (using SaveData, FieldAssociation=‘Row Data’) but the file is empty.

I recreated the trace directly on the RHEL head node interactively and it still writes a empty file. If I execute it using pvbatch or a python shell in the PV GUI - it runs w/o error but creates an empty file.

What am I missing here? Thanks!

Tested with PV 5.10 and 5.11 and each behave the same way.

HI @jgd2203

Is the path to the tecplot file correct on the cluster ?


yes, I verified via print statement and ls cmd and as I said I did a brand new trace (on the cluster) w/o editing anything and on playback it behaved the same way. Regardless, I found a work around. I just save all the data before using the filter and compute statistics in python. I suppose it would still be good to figure this out as it seems like a useful filter.

On a related but different topic - how do I get the zone names to a pyhton list? I am using a Tecplot binary reader and it seems to read the datatype as vtkMultiBlock. I can of course see them after the extractBlock filter in the GUI information tab - but not sure how to get these into a list.

Just following up as there has been no resposnse to the above.

GetDataInformation().DataInformation.GetBlockName(idx) should work.