Exporting Delaunay triangulated volume to txt


I have generated a 3D volume from a point cloud using the Delaunay 3D filter. I want to export the generated volume as a txt file. I can save the figure as txt file but it only lists the identification number for the points along with their xyz coordinates. Is there any way to generate a txt file that identifies how the points connect to form the tetrahedral elements that form the solid volume?

Not supported by the .csv writer.

However, you can save as an ASCII .vtu file that can be read easily.

I do have one more question about the way this file is structured. I just want to know how the portion for elemental connectivity is written. I know the tetrahedral should have only 4 vertices but six numbers form each line under this category.

It does have 4 vertices, the line by line separation does not represent each cell.

idcell0_0 idcell0_1 idcell0_2 idcell0_3 idcell1_0 idcell1_1
idcell1_2 idcell1_3 idcell2_0 idcell2_1 idcell2_2 idcell2_3