Exporting high resolution LIC


I am trying to render a high resolution image using the LIC representation. If I export a screenshot up to the size of my working window, everything looks fine. However, if I double it, there are inconsistencies at the stitch points between the four separate rectangles the image is split into. I can see that the full image is rendered in four pieces but is there a way to make them blend seamlessly?

Exporting in other formats, e.g. ps, pdf, svg creates smaller pictures. A sample picture can be found below and if needed, I can provide the Paraview state file and the source data.


I’m afraid this is a limitation of the surfaceLIC and the way we generate high resolution images.
You are welcome to open an issue in our bugtracker.

@Joachim_Pouderoux @Michael

Thank you for the quick reply. I posted an issue on the bugtracker and I am marking this topic as solved.

Dear Maria, one thing to add, you seem to have Contrast Enhancement enabled, which is applied per image. If you turn this off, the transitions become well less pronounced. I am using some high-res LIC from ocean data in which the images are also stitched together. With Contrast Enhancement set to Off, if is good enough for me…
Cheers, Niklas