Exporting only one CSV from pipeline

Hello everyone,
I have been working on Paraview from an XMF file, which corresponds to a single time step from DNS computations. From it, I have applied several Calculators, Programmable Filters and so forth, followed by an iso-surface and streamlines. From the iso-surface and the streamlines in the pipeline I have added CSV Extractors, so now in my pipeline I have 2 distinct CSV Extractors. Since I only have one time step, I expect Paraview to create two files, say, surface_000000.csv and streamlines_000000.csv. Yet I end up with multiple files, from 000000 to 000008 for each Extractor, that are all identical! I have tried to play with the Enable tick and the frequency but it does seem not help. Moreover, it appears that Paraview “re-computes” all fields for each csv file created, what takes a lot of time. So instead of having, say, an instantaneous extract with two distinct files I have multiple files that take a lot of time to be re-computed. I am pretty surprised because, although I understand the intermediate steps may not be stored in memory, I do not understand how the data that I can see in the plot window is not stored in memory and not directly writable. Not that it is much of an issue for now, since I only have to wait like 10-15 minutes, but some time I will need to extract files 100 times larger. So… I would like to have a workflow that at least, does not create and re-computes the same thing multiple times. Does anyone have a clue around this issue ?

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Extractors run the “animation” even when there is no timesteps in the pipeline as paraview provide a default 10 timesteps animation.

Looks like an oversight to me.

In any case, the work around is very easy:

  • View → AnimationView
  • Select Sequence mode if not already
  • Set no of frames to 1 or 0

You should then be able to use extracts without this issue.

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