Exporting the x3d file for all timesteps

Hi all,

I am trying to export the x3d file from ParaView and import it to Blender for post-processing. I used the trace function in ParaView to generate the python script. I can use the script to export the x3d file for all the time steps with a 2D case. However, when I used the script on the 3D case, I only got the x3d file for the first time. Just to let you know, my 2D file size is about 40MB, and my 3D file size is about 30GB. I have attached a script I used to output the x3d file.

I would have appreciated it if any of you could give me a helping hand.
script.file.txt (6.6 KB)

This looks unexpected.

Did you check:

  • the list of available timesteps in your 3D case (from PV or from your script)
  • the first time step you use (you call GoToNext() but maybe you start at the last ??)
  • your disk space (enough space to write ?)
  • any errors / warnings in log message