Exposing VTK filter through plugin fails

Hi, new paraview user here. In searching for a way to uncover existing VTK filters I found this page:

I tried following the example with multiple inputs - vtkLandmarkRegistrationFilter which is perfect because this is actually one of the filters I’d like to use. The problem is that this causes the application to crash.

  1. copy the xml from the webpage and save as .xml
  2. Tools->Manage Pulgins-> Load New → file I just saved
  3. So far so good
  4. type lmReg = LandmarkTransformFilter() into shell , hit enter and it crashes

Help troubleshooting this is much appreciated.

Hmm. It looks like that class never existed (at least in the VTK repository). I wonder if it is missing some references from elsewhere. The vtkLandmarkTransform class is missing a SourceDataSet though, so it’s not quite that easy.

That said, crashing is also not good.

vtkLandmarkRegistrationFilter does not exist in google.

I should have mentioned that I changed the class as follows:

Looking at the error logs, I see:
( 50.101s) [paraview ]vtkPVAlgorithmPortsInfo:55 ERR| . vtkPVAlgorithmPortsInformation (0000023256E3C580): Could not downcast vtkAlgorithm.

This is not a filter (a vtkAlgorithm). You can’t use it as if it was one.

That would make sense. Thanks