Extract data from information tab in paraview?


Is it possible to extract the X, Y, Z Ranges for every time step, from the information tab below, into a spread sheet using python or any other way?

Many thanks in advance


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Thank you @mwestphal! this works but gives the bounds for one of the blocks in my mesh. Is it possible to specify the block?

and for other time steps, I’m familiar with loops in python, but I wonder if there is an easy way to access the time steps in paraview or should I create a list of time steps (for example using numpy)

I’m quite sure it gives you the bounds of all the blocks.

In any case, you can get block specific information using GetCompositeDataInformation.

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Thank you!
for the record, the following code works, where the block is specified by 1


it shows the bounds at one time step where I stop the animation. Still not sure how to get this information at each time step, if anyone knows.