Extract list of values

Hello, everyone,

I need to work with individual values associated with mesh cells.
Specifically, after opening the file.vtu with paraview and obtaining a sub-region of my domain (a sphere), I would need to extract a list, array or something similar in order to be able to use the values in “find data” where I find the values associated with the cell IDs.

How could I do this?

Could you maybe re-formulate what you are trying to do and what is the problem? I’m not sure if I understand what’s the issue.

Is it possible to export from paraview the list of values (cell id + value f pairs in the image attached to the first question) as a file?

  1. While the data you want to export is selected, click on Extract Selection from the Find Data window.The extracted dataset should appear as a block in the Pipeline Browser.
  2. Create a new SpreadSheetView by first creating a new Layout with the + button above the existing view and then choosing SpreadSheetView
  3. View the extracted dataset in the SpreadSheetView, choose appropriate data type (Cell Data in your case) in the attribute window and set precision to your needs
  4. Click the Export Spreadsheet button (see image) and export as a .csv file
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