Extract point data in order


Given a 3D object, I perform the cut using the ‘Slice’ filter and want to collect the coordinates of some selected points. Using the ‘Select points on’ filter, I marked all the points in the figure below, starting from the point with ID 177, in a counterclockwise direction.
However, in the ‘Find Data’ tab it is possible to see that the points are ordered by ID and not by selection.
This way, when I extract the data, it is not in the order I selected.
I would like to know how I can get the coordinates of the points following the selection order.

Thank you in advance!

Usually in the ParaView data model the order of points should not matter. What are you trying to achieve here?

Hi, I want to export the coordinates of the selected points to use in C++ code. In my code, the order of the points matters, they need to be counterclockwise.

I do not see an easy way to do that. You will probably need some manual operation to reorder them (more likely outside of ParaView)