Extract surface of domain based on condition

Hello everyone,

I have a .pvd file generated from FEniCS containing some data points.
I would like to extract the cells/surfaces where a condition is met (data_value > 0.5), to export it afterwards to a .STL file. See the picture below as an example, I want to extract the red ring.

However, when trying Edit --> Find Data, I am only able to find points and cannot afterwards export the desired surface to STL.
If I try to reconstruct the surface from the selected data points with a Delaunay 2D filter, the topological features (holes) are lost …

Do you have some suggestions on how should I proceed?
Here are the corresponding files: final_solution.pvd (176 Bytes) final_solution000000.vtu (19.8 KB)

Thank you for your time.


Could you try the Threshold filter or the Clip filter with Clip Type (= Scalar)? Then apply the Extract Surface filter and save it to a STL format.

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This works perfectly
Thank you very much!