extract the wall in 3D

Hello, I want to extract the wall in 3D, the filter feature edge is in 2D, but what can I use in 3D to get surface wall?

paraview.simple.ExtractSurface — ParaView/Python 5.12.0-1019-g97d096cc52 documentation ?

Thanks for your kind reply.

The filiter extrasurface converts my data from an unstructured grid to a polygon dataset. But then how can I extract the wall in 3D?

What do you mean by wall? Describe it geometrically

Hello, I want to get span-average data across the z direction. Firstly, I think I should extract the airfoil wall as the image seen, then I do something else. Am I right? If not, could you give me some advice? The file is attached. Thanks a lot.

What is the span-average data across the z direction?

That’s the space anerage in the z direction