Extracting data depending on a block

Hello, I am trying to extract point data depending on blocks.

As far as I know, depending block that I activated, extracting point data will be different.

For example, I’m looking for a variable A from block A, block B, and block C.

With activating block A (deactivating other blocks), if I extract the variable A data, then I will get variable A data from only block A.

Am I right?


Yes ? What is the question here ?

I am confused about this.

The extracted data with activating only A block looks like fine.

Also, the extracted data with activating only B block looks like good.

However, the extracted data with activating only C block looks like including all of blocks (A,B,and C).

Please share your data.

OnlyInfil3_labeled_diffNum_infil_6_YSZ_sub_5_2021-01-24.pvsm (654.8 KB)

If you load the *.e file through *.pvsm, then you can see the calculator for “j”.

If I extract the data “j” (when time is 0.5) for activated blocks,

Under the activated YSZ block, the extracted data come from all of the blocks.

Under the other blocks activated, the extracted data just come from activated one.

What I want to do is even at YSZ, I want to extract the data from only YSZ.

“While uploading the data(about 4 GB), there was an error. So I will link the file after uploading at my google drive.”

here is the link for the data (*.e)

This file is not shared with me.

I just gave you the authorization to download the file.

I’m still unsure what to look for. Im able to select and show block, they look different.