Extracting Field Values of Cell-Centered Points


I have a .pvtu format file, and I would like to extract the data for the cell-centered points. I found the filter called Cell Centered. However, this one gives the cell ID, point ID, coordinates, and points Magnitude, and attributes of these cell-centered points, but not the field data. Once I extract these cell-centered points, how can I retrieve their field values?

Thanks for your help.

The file I received has the same number of cells as points. This is likely because the results were obtained using the finite element method. However, for my calculation, I require the cell-centered values. One alternative is to take the point values and perform interpolation using MATLAB, Fortran, etc. However, I am seeking a more straightforward approach using only ParaView.

To turn analysis results at nodes into cell-centered data, the following steps may be possible.

  1. Point Data To Cell Data filter
  2. Cell Centers filter

Thank you. Indeed, before applying the Cell Centers filter, the Point Data To Cell Data filter must be applied. That works.