Extracting Maximum Positions of Moving Lagrangian Points in a Fixed Eulerian Space in ParaView

Hello ParaView community,

I am seeking assistance in using ParaView to extract the maximum positions of moving Lagrangian points within a fixed Eulerian space. Specifically, I have a scenario where points are in motion, and I want to extract the highest positions of these points within a certain spatial region defined by two planes or lines.

To provide more context, the Lagrangian points represent moving particles, and the Eulerian space is stationary. For instance, I am interested in extracting points that lie between two planes defined at x=2cm and x=4cm. However, it is essential to note that these points are continuously updating over time. Therefore, some points that were previously between the two planes might have moved out of this spatial region in the next time step.

I am looking to extract and visualize the maximum positions of these points within the specified spatial region for each time step. I need to use the extracted data to create a line plot that describes the variation of the maximum positions of particle points at a fixed location in space over time.

Could you kindly guide me on how to achieve this in ParaView? Any step-by-step instructions or suggestions on using the appropriate filters and settings to accomplish this task would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights. Your expertise will be instrumental in solving this challenging problem.

Best regards!