Extracting paraviw data into arrays


I have recently used the glyph filter to represent a 3D deformation image. The Deformation is presented with Arrows.
I want to use the representation post-processed in Paraview, and to extract the initial and terminal coordinates of each arrow (Xi,Yi,Zi, Xt,Yt,Zt).

I have tried to ‘save data as csv’ but when I’m trying to quiver-plot the csv data I get a completely different representation from the one I have in Paraview.

Is there a simple way it can be done? maybe by extracting the coordinates out from the vtk file (enclose) ?

def_glyp.vtk (93.1 KB)

any hint is welcomed
Thanks !

The information you are looking for is lost when you have the glyph.

You want to save the data before the glyph filter instead.

Thanks for replying.

I was hoping to take advantage of presentation created by the ‘uniform spatial distribution’ with the selected parameters

does the entire data lost after the glyph ?

In this case you could generate a glyph in 2DGlyph/Vertex mode.

Great ! that’s exactly what I was looking for
thanks a lot

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