Facing problem in plotting side view or top view of velocity of fluid past through a cylinder

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I want to plot such a side view plot for velocity. How I can plot it in paraview ? The side of pvd file is more than 4mb. I can’t able to upload it. Help me in plotting this side view or top view.

You can use two Slice filters with multiple slice planes (added using the Value Range table in advanced properties) to achieve such an effect.

not able to get such an effect. can you tell me properly ?

someone please tell me exactly how to do.

Also tell me how to plot isovalues of a scalar valued function ?

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If you are looking for some good basics on using ParaView you can find some resources here: https://www.paraview.org/tutorials/. You should find some self-directed tutorials to follow as well as webinars around using ParaView in different settings.

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Here’s an example of what it should look like:

their is no option for range setting. Please help me in this regard.

It’s in advanced settings (button with gear symbol) in the Properties tab.

not able to found anything in the properties tab ? sorry to trouble you. I tried to found out.

In your case, the Properties tab is here:

and it should contain the filter options once it’s selected in the tree.

not able to find filter option in properties…below I attach my data …

Not able to convert these stremlines into tube …PLease help me
22000 reynold no.zip (2.6 MB)

Try opening this state file:

slices.pvsm (557.4 KB)

How you do this ? I am not able to do. Please guide me.

I want same plot.

I attached the file that you can open to see this plot in ParaView.

I am not able to open this plot in paraview. I want to plot for different parameters that’s why i want to know How you plot it ?

To open this .pvsm file, use File → Load State. You will be asked for file names/directories and you can either let it locate the data automatically or manually select the data files if the first option doesn’t work properly.

It is following error.