Failed to find the required module VTK::ImagingMorphological

I am trying to use vtkImageOpenClose3D in a ParaView plugin, I have added VTK::ImagingMorphological in vtk.module under DEPENDS, but I get the cmake error

[cmake]   Failed to find the required module VTK::ImagingMorphological.

I can see the module in the paraView 5.11.2 source tree in VTK/Imaging/Morphological. I usually do this this way, what am I doing wrong in this case?


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Hi @Thomas_Theussl

This VTK module is not enabled in ParaView build because nothing in ParaView depends on it.
If you build ParaView yourself, you can enable it using the cmake var: VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_ImagingMorphological.


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thank you! I will try that

it’s funny though, I checked my CMakeCache.txt and it said VTK_MODULE_ENABLE_VTK_ImagingMorphological:STRING=DEFAULT as do all the other modules I use, how do I find out what DEFAULT means?

It depends on what ParaView needs, which is automatic, there is no such feedback from CMake directly.

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DEFAULT is, for VTK modules in a ParaView build, DONT_WANT. For ParaView client and “core” (non-incubator) modules, PARAVIEW_BUILD_ALL_MODULES=ON will treat DEFAULT as WANT. Note that any non-DEFAULT group settings that modules belong to apply before (ultimately) falling back on PARAVIEW_BUILD_ALL_MODULES.