Failure to use Paraview with RDP

Hello dear Paraview developers!

I’ve faced the fact that Paraview does not work with RDP

|vtkRemotingCore-pv7.0.dll!vtkProcessModule::RegisterSession(vtkSession * session) Line 381|C++|
|vtkRemotingServerManager-pv7.0.dll!vtkSMSession::ConnectToSelf(int timeout) Line 292|C++|
|pqCore-pv7.0.dll!pqObjectBuilder::createServer(const pqServerResource & resource, int connectionTimeout) Line 727|C++|
|pqApplicationComponents-pv7.0.dll!pqAlwaysConnectedBehavior::pqAlwaysConnectedBehavior(QObject * parentObject) Line 61|C++|
|pqApplicationComponents-pv7.0.dll!pqParaViewBehaviors::pqParaViewBehaviors(QMainWindow * mainWindow, QObject * parentObject) Line 222|C++|

It fails with throwing an error somewhere from within RegisterSession
“The specified driver is invalid”

What could I do to address this issue?


Usually, RDP provided OpenGL is not enough for ParaView, which RDP software are you using ?