false-color image under ParaView?


I just wonder that is it possible to create false-color image under ParaView?



Yes. Pretty much every example you see posted on http://paraview.org uses some form of false-coloring (a.k.a. pseudo-coloring).

Is there something more specific that you are thinking of?

I have an atmospheric model output and i am trying to create visualization of clouds that is similar to the following image.


Do you think that it is possible? It shows the details far better.

I think it is possible, but it would help if you could explain how your data is represented and how those colors are determined.

The data is in multi-piece structured grid and vtk format. I am not sure
about the colors and i need to look at it detailed to find more
information. In general those satellite images are generated by blending
information coming from multiple bands such as near infrared, visible
etc. but i don’t have experience about it and i am not sure it could be
generated by using model output. Is there any document or web site that
explains the main steps to create such visualizations?



A file in vtk format should load into ParaView with no problem.

If you look under the Help menu there are links to several documents that will help you get started. If you have never used ParaView before, you should start with the “Getting Started” guide. This is a quick 2-page introduction to the basics of ParaView. It even covers simple coloring. That may be enough to give you an idea if ParaView will provide the false coloring that you are looking for.

The Help menu also has more detailed documentation from there. You can look at the ParaView Tutorial or the ParaView Guide, both of which provide a lot of useful information. And of course, once you get going you can ask more pointed questions here.

Actually, i am using ParaView for a long time and using for in-situ
visualization. Anyway, i’ll look at documentation and see what i can
find. Thanks for your help.