fatal error C1002: compiler is out of heap space in pass 2

build environment: vs2015 x64, paraview 5.7.0, windows 10
I got compile error: fatal error C1002: compiler is out of heap space in pass 2 for project AcceleratorsVTKm.

@robert.maynard @allison.vacanti

How much system memory do you have?

VTK-m is a very heavy memory demanding project to build and is a dependency of ParaView, you have the following possibilities

  • Buy more ram (you will need 2Gb by parallel thread to be able to build VTK-m)
  • Use ninja-build instead of VisualStudio (actually quite easy)
  • Disable VTK-m by setting the PARAVIEW_USE_VTKM cmake option to false (you will miss some features in ParaView)

16gb. I disable PARAVIEW_USE_VTKM, and I compile sucessfully.

Could you tell me some details or give me a link for the missing features about VTK-m?

  • Accelerators Plugin that provide a few filters from VTKm
  • Fast LOD that will fallback to standard LOD

Thank you. However, when I use vs2019 to compile paraview 5.7.0, I didn’t get this error message.

Good news, looks like VS2019 is monitoring memory when building !

The VTK-m is currently looking at how we can restructure some code to consume less memory when compiling. This won’t happen overnight but it will happen :slight_smile: