FATAL_ERROR "superbuild_python_version not set"

I have been trying to build lidarview project. Steps that i have followed
git clone --recursive https://gitlab.kitware.com/LidarView/lidarview.git lidarview
mkdir build && cd build
cmake . -Dlidarview_SOURCE_SELECTION=source -Dlidarview_SOURCE_DIR=complete_lidar/lidarview

The error:
CMake Error at LVCore/CMake/SetupLidarviewProject.cmake:24 (message):
superbuild_python_version not set
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:12 (include)

When i try to build it using LVSuperbuild cmakelist.txt. it works fine and i can use lidarview successfully
`cmake . -Dlidarview_SOURCE_SELECTION=source -Dlidarview_SOURCE_DIR=complete_lidar/lidarview/LVSuperbuild

The main problem is that i can not build it in the main directory where all the packages are located( e.g LVCore, LVSuperbuild, Application). Thank you and looking for some guidance

Details about OS:
Ubuntu 20.04
python3.8 but i have also tried with python3.9
Lidarview 4.3.0
Paraview 5.11.1-RC1


Hi @federista,

LidarView doesn’t support build from source yet (only with lidarview superbuild.), if you want to compile with your custom lidarview source you should be able with theses steps:

  • git clone --recursive https://gitlab.kitware.com/LidarView/lidarview-superbuild.git lvsb
  • mkdir build && cd build
  • cmake ../lvsb -GNinja -Dlidarview_SOURCE_SELECTION=source -Dlidarview_SOURCE_DIR=/path/to/lidarview/src
  • ninja -j8

@Timothee_Couble How do i build LVCore then. There are two repositories. One is

while the other one is

Does the lidarview-superbuild comes with a complete set of options and features because there is no LVCore or Application data in that.
If i want to use these, will it be achieved by downloading it from release section?

LVCore is built with lidarview (it’s part of the source code of lidarview).

Lidarview-superbuild will get automatically lidarview source code (with LVCore and plugins), and compile all of that.

Yes you can download a release version of LidarView everything is bundle within.

Small clarification here, the source code archives available in https://gitlab.kitware.com/LidarView/lidarview/-/releases do not contain the submodules( namely LVCore,LVSuperbuild and the lidar specific plugins).
your recursive clone is correct and would contain both the Superbuild and the higher level LidarView folder

I can build the lidarview-superbuild from the source and i succeed in it. When i try to use certain flag like

It gives me the following error
CMake Error at pvsb/superbuild/cmake/SuperbuildVersionMacros.cmake:179 (_superbuild_parse_version):
_superbuild_parse_version Function invoked with incorrect arguments for
function named: _superbuild_parse_version
Call Stack (most recent call first):
pvsb/superbuild/cmake/SuperbuildVersionMacros.cmake:229 (_superbuild_detect_version_git)
CMakeLists.txt:79 (superbuild_set_version_variables)
pvsb/superbuild/CMakeLists.txt:169 (superbuild_setup_variables)

I appreciate your assistance . Thank you

Yes i came to know that too. The main issue is that how do i build a complete parent folder of lidarview instead of lidarview-superbuild. if lidarview doesnt support build from the source yet, there must be some way to do it right?

The main idea is that i just want to experiment with mainwindow.ui in Application folder. just to see if i can publish anything to it. Is it possible?