Favourite / starred views?

I’m not sure of the correct terminology for this question, but I use ParaView to present results and I’m often asked to show another view of the data (the saved state contains dozens of different types of data with all sorts of threshold filters, cross-sections etc). It’s really slow to set up the different views in real time. Is there a way to save a particular view with a precise configuration of datasets and filters enabled? i.e. so I can just click on ‘saved view 1’, ‘saved view 2’ etc… to instantly orient the camera and enabled/disable all the appropriate datasets and filters?

hi @datathing ,

You can either use:

Thanks! I’ll try these out.

I’m missing such a feature too. I tried the “custom view points” but they are not tied to the dataset but to the PV session, so they are not saved and restored with the state file, unfortunately. That makes them less useful for keeping multiple different views with the same dataset. You can save the viewpoints themselves into a separate file, which I did in some cases, but that is a quite cumbersome workflow.