Custom viewpoints managed with script

Hi, I want to manage custom viewpoints with python script.
Start Trace does not record such operations.

Context :
I have a pre-recorded custom viewpoints file (.pvcvcb) somewhere. It was recorded by clicking.
I want to load it with a script, and select alternatively one or more custom viewpoints defined in it (with script as well)

Extract of window for custom viewpoint definition by clicking

I have searched on google and Paraview website without finding such information. There are some functions like SetActiveView() but there are missing some to do the full job.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions. Best regards,



I’m looking to do the same thing. I would like to write a for-loop to cycle through the viewpoints I have set-up. As you say there doesn’t seem to be any info on how to control them from a python script other than explicitly stating the xyz components of the Camera properties from a recorded script.

Did you find a solution?


VIewpoints are not controllable (yet) from python sadly

@cory.quammen @utkarsh.ayachit @mwestphal How useful do you think this would be? Currently, when you trace a saved viewpoint, the camera location gets saved. (I didn’t look what happen when you go back to a saved viewpoint). Is saving the camera location good enough, or do we actually need to be able to save the viewpoint? Btw, I have never seen this request from my users.

Stay tuned, we have a plan in the next year to implement something related in Python scripting that might fill the bill.

Thanks Cory. OK to do it on my nickel.

Ok, thanks all - look forward to the update.

Hello, I was not very active on this topic but I am glad to see that new features will come. Thanks to Paraview Team for taking it into account. Have a good day.