FDSReader Direction

Hello all,

We are using Paraview to visualize FDS results in large scale simulations on an HPC. We saw that the recent build of Paraview has an FDSReader plugin built into VTK. What is the plan for the development of this reader? Currently it reads 2-D and 3-D slices from the rectilinear geometry well. While this is a good start, our standard visualization tool (smokeview) does a good job at visualizing these even for large domains. Our pain point is primarily in dealing with the more complex outputs, such as 3D smoke visualization (s3d files), complex terrain boundary (bnde files), and particles (prt5 files).

We currently have a post-processing tool in place to convert these binary files to valid VTK files for visualization in Paraview. While this works, integrating with the native reader would be a better long term solution. Is the team planning on expanding to these other outputs?




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