FDSReader / vtkPartitionedDataSetCollection


I am trying to use paraview to process the results of the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). Recently, a new reader has been implemented in paraview and I am trying to use it.

I set a simple case of a convective heat transfer with slides defined by FDS. When I try to process the results the reader can see the different temperature slices but I can’t select only one, they are all selected, even though I click on only one “STRUCTURE_TEMPERATURE” (see image). When I check vtkBlockColors it seems that each slice has a unique block number but I don’t know how I can isolate it : the information tab says that the data is a “vtkPartionedDataSetCollection”. I am not familiar with this kind of data.
I searched on the forum and internet but i couldn’t find useful information about how to process it using Paraview Gui or Python Shell.

I would appreciate some help on it, thank you.


Are you looking for the Extract Blocks filter maybe ?

Thank you for your reply,

I tried to use the Extract Block filter but when I select one block it does not select only one but all of them.

please share your data

no problem, here are my simple case data

This is caused by the fact all your blocks have the same name. This is an issue, could you open it:


You can workaround it by saving the data to a file and modifying the blocknames manually.

Ok. Thanks for the answer I will submit a new issue.

Could it be possible to rename the blocks using a Python Script ?

I supose.

you can also edit the .smv file manually or with a python script, here is a corrected version:

untitled.smv (12.4 KB)

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