Feature Request: Bulk-reload files in pipeline

Dear Santa,

it would be absolutely fabulous to be able to press F5 and have multiple input objects reload at once; e.g. all the objects below of what is currently selected in the pipeline or those that are currently selected.
Right now I need to go through all input objects one by one.

This feature is not going to be a game-changer, but it would enhance the user experience, for example when debugging a code through visual inspection of the results it produces.


As @wascott pointed out, when selecting multiple input objects, these can indeed be reloaded at once by pressing F5.
What I really want is to have F5 reload all the input objects in the current selection even if that includes non-reloadable non-input objects.

Update 2:
The above update was wrong, I just tested it again. When selecting multiple items, only the last selected item is reloaded.
So, with multiple input objects one is obliged to reload them one by one.

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@utkarsh.ayachit @cory.quammen I just looked, and “Reload Files” is plural. Shouldn’t this request actually work for all items in the pipeline? If Bastian is correct, is this a bug?

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No, only the last selected item is reloaded.

No, it’s plural ‘files’ since a single reader can read multiple files. It’s designed to only work for selected reader.

Of course, silly me. Thanks for the reply.

Years ago (when the “Reload Files” method has not been available yet) I’ve written a simple python macro to reload the whole pipeline:

It’s special for my use case but easy to adapt.