Feature suggestion: auto save & stop animation ....

I have two feature suggestions, that bother us a bit, and which should not be too difficult to implement. I am sure that the community would love those too. One would be an autosave option in ParaView for state files, ideally with a history and/or an automatic increment. The other would be an option to stop the rendering of an animation. That was possible in earlier ParaView versions, but has been deactivated some time ago. The only solution to this is at the moment to (re)move the output directory.
Thanks and Cheers,

Hi Niklas,
With regards to your first suggestion, there are two options that somewhat implement this. In Paraview, Edit/ Settings/ General/ Advanced (little gear, upper right). then, click Show Save State on Exit, and Crash Recovery. Note that this will slow down exiting ParaView.

With regards to your second suggestion, this is a known problem. It is also virtually impossible to fix when ParaView is connected to a remote server, since pvserver is locked up remotely. We do have some ideas in the works, but simple solutions don’t exist.


Thank You!!